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Legacy one and M-pact have come together to present THE LAB We are creating a safe place for at risk youth. Vote for us to help us receive the funds we need to renovate the space.

Legacy One and M-pact are two Calgary based groups who are passionate to help youth overcome the many barriers that oppose them today. Both organizations consist of hip-hop artists who use their art form to help youth find their voice and inspire them to leave a positive legacy. We do this by working in schools, teaching workshops and performing an inspiring and challenging show. Also, M-pact hosts an annual show that addresses specific issues and raises money to help other organizations working with youth.

Why THE LAB? THE LAB will be a creative hip-hop space for at-risk youth. It is a known fact that people get into trouble when they are bored and have no accountability. THE LAB will cure both of these causes by giving youth a positive outlet to express themselves through DANCING, legal GRAFFITI art, DJING and EMCEEING. It will also provide a community of leaders to mentor these youth and hold them accountable. In addition to helping youth, THE LAB will also be a space for artists in the community to come together and explore their creativity on a regular basis.

THE LAB will be built on three main values: COMMUNITY, COURAGE, COMPASSION. A space where youth can find COMMUNITY to surround them, COURAGE to tap into their potential, and COMPASSION to discover what they have to offer the world.